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45kg 95kg 45kg

"45kg 95kg 45kg"



Dear Audience,

I will be going back to Hong Kong very soon. It’s
my first time to be in here but it’s almost time to say goodbye. When I come, I can only take 45kg with me. When I leave, I can only take 45kg with me. Here is my stuff - rubbish - 45kg - the stuff that I still need
to use everyday until I finally leave. Please feel free to take away anything you like except the two suitcas-
es. I need them. If you think I should take the objects away with me, please put them in my suitcase. So, vice versa, if you think I should not take the objects inside the suitcases with me, please put them back on the shelves. Hope you can have a great time selecting. If you would like to know the stories behind the objects, please feel free to put down your name and email on the corresponding page in the documentation. Hope you will like the stories too.

All the best,

Dawn (Doi Yan) 17 - 6 -2016

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